What sets the Polaris Global Value Fund apart from all of the competitors? We are: Diversified. Value-Oriented. Bottom-Up Stock Pickers. Invested Alongside Our Clients.

DIVERSIFIED: We seek to invest in the most undervalued companies in the world, regardless of region or sector. We also have the flexibility to invest in emerging markets, providing an additional avenue for exposure to some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Our Polaris Global Value Fund attempts to remain well diversified with investments in approximately 15 different industries and many countries. Equally important is our diversification across market capitalizations.

VALUE-ORIENTED: We focus on companies with the potential for strong sustainable free cash flow and conservative balance sheets. These companies may be capable of growing stronger in difficult economic times, while performing admirably in growth cycles too. We like the growth potential, but don’t want to pay for it.

BOTTOM-UP STOCK PICKING: We conduct bottom-up stock selection, which results in Fund holdings (diversified across industry, country and market capitalization) that are considered the most undervalued in the world pursuant to the Adviser’s valuation criteria.

MANAGEMENT TENURE: Portfolio Manager Bernard Horn founded Polaris in April 1995 to expand an existing client base dating to the early 1980s. Bernie has been managing the Polaris Global Value Fund since its inception.

INVEST ALONGSIDE OUR CLIENTS: Our personnel, from investment management to client service, have invested a significant amount of their personal assets in the Polaris Global Value Fund. Very simply, our interests are aligned with those of our clients.