Bottom-up fundamental research provides perspective. We travel worldwide to uncover strong companies that may continue to grow in volatile macro-economic conditions.

    • Since country and industry factors influence security prices, we employ a proprietary multi-factor global valuation model that identifies countries from the most undervalued to the most overvalued.
    • Using a series of valuation criteria, our investment team regularly screens a database of more than 40,000+ companies to produce a list of approximately 500 to 2,000 companies worldwide that we view to be the most undervalued. Our global investment process includes screening, with criteria related to the valuation of a company’s sustainable free cash flow, financial strength, market capitalization and liquidity.
    • Bottom-up fundamental research comprises the vast majority of time we spend in the global investment process. Fundamental research covers financial analyses of companies including: in-depth review of financial statements, research on suppliers, customers and competitors and meetings with company management. Polaris Global Value Fund analysts travel the world, assessing industry conditions, competitive advantages, profitability, operating and financial leverage and the quality of management — in an effort to identify new companies that may enhance the Polaris Global Value Fund’s performance.
    • The Polaris Global Value Fund is then invested in 65-100 companies that meet the strict valuation criteria. The Fund generally holds investments for 3-5 years. If a company no longer meets the Polaris Global Value Fund’s valuation and fundamental criteria, it may be sold in favor of an alternative on our 250-company “watch list”.